22:09, 23.12.2022
The International workshop at the Genetic Resources Institute has ended

The 5-day (19.12.2022-23.12.2022) workshop on "Assessment, mapping and utilization of agricultural crops in saline-affected areas in Azerbaijan" held by The Genetic Resources Institute (GRI) of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, AgroDev LLC the "International Center for Biosaline Agriculture" (ICBA) under the Islamic Development Bank ended. The workshop was held in a working environment. In addition to ICBA's "Chief Operations and Development", "Water Resources and Irrigation Management" and "Plant Diversification and Genetics Program" officials, employees of GRI and AgroDev company, scientists and researchers, specialists from relevant scientific research institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture participated in the workshop. The seminar included business discussions on various topics. Dr.Ahmed H.El-Naggar, Soil Management Scientist made the report on “Characterization and Properties of saline soils and their management”, “Soil ecosystem and nutrient cycling”, “Hands-on exercise (Sampling- preparation-measurements)”, Dr. Asad Sarwar Qureshi, Senior Scientist - Water and Irrigation Management on “Importance of Water Management in Irrigated Agriculture”, “Irrigation for Salinity Management”, “Improving Water Use Efficiency in Marginal Environments”, “Calculations of Leaching requirements”, and presentations of Executive Director of GRI, D.Bi.Sci. Mehraj Abbasov on the activities of the institute and the genetic research in the relevant field aroused great interest among the participants. "On the last day of the workshop, the employees of ICBA and other participants of the seminar got acquainted with the relevant departments and laboratories of GRI. Executive Director of GRI, D.Bi.Sci.Mehraj Abbasov, General Director of GRI, corresponding member of ANAS, prof. Zeynal Akparov, once again expressed his gratitude to the management and organizers of ICBA, as well as the workshop participants, regarding the seminar's organisation and its completion in a working environment. Later, the head of the International and public relations department of GRI, PhD Veli Garayev, officials of ICBA, Dr. Ahmed H. Al-Naggar, Dr. R.K. Singh, Aziz Karimov and Ghazi Javad Al-Jabri, Elvin Nabiyev, director of AgroDev LLC, and Hagigat Hashimova, an employee of the Research Institute of Crop Husbandry, expressed their good impressions about the seminar and expressed their gratitude to the management of AgroDev LLC and GRI and hopes for future cooperation in creating salinity and drought-resistant plant varieties in plant breeding in the country. ICBA Certificates were handed to the participants of the seminar. The photos were taken.