17:48, 02.06.2022
The visit of international experts to the Genetic Resources Institute of NASA has ended

The 5-day visit (started on 23.05.2022) of the experts from the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology of Pakistan (Dr. Tayyab Husnain (Director of PMBMM, Punjab University), Dr. Idrees Ahmad (Professor of Molecular Biology), Dr Abdul Qayyum Rao (Plant Molecular Biologist) and representatives of the Islamic Development Bank (Regional bank Coordinator, Ahmad Faruk Diken, Kokorjan Aminov, Coordinator for Central Asia) and Lala Yusifova, representative of the Azerbaijan office) to the Genetic Resources Institute of NASA ended on May 27, 2022. First, the experts were acquainted with the research in the relevant field at the institute, as well as the functions of relevant departments and laboratories. They also held meetings in various central executive organizations and scientific research institutions of the republic. The application of new technologies and modern methods and opportunities for cooperation in this area were discussed with Imran Jumshudov, Head of the Department of Plant Growing under the Ministry of Agriculture, and Akbar Abbasov, Director of Agrarian Science and Innovation Center. The guests also were acquainted with the new laboratories and genetic collection samples at the Plant Protection and Technical Plants Research Institute, held the business discussions and exchanged views on the quantitative and qualitative indicators of existing cotton varieties in the country, and the possibility of improving them with modern genetic methods.

On May 27, the report of the 5-day mission was presented at a meeting of the Institute. The report highlighted great interest and effort to conduct research based on international experience for the development of cotton in the country and the need for financial support from international organizations. The experts expressed appreciation to Zeynal Akparov, General Director of GRI, Corresponding Member of NASA and employees of the Institute for the appropriate conditions and practical assistance in the implementation of the program activities of the mission. The initial assessment report will be submitted to the Islamic Development Bank. Good luck!