13:03, 15.03.2021
An online meeting of the Scientific Seminar of Dissertation Council will be held.

On March 17 at 14:00, at the Institute of Botany will take place an online meeting of the Scientific Seminar of the Dissertation Council ED 1.26 in the specialty "Genetics". The seminar will be  devoted to the discussion of the dissertation work of Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, Associate Professor Mehraj Ali oglu Abbasov for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences in the specialty 2409.01 - "Genetics", on topic of “Genotyping of wheat (Triticum L.), barley (Hordeum L.) and their wild ancestors by sequencing and screening of genes with stress tolerance”.


Non-members of the Scientific Seminar may follow the Scientific Seminar and ask questions through the following source:








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