21:26, 29.09.2020
Academician Irada Huseynova: Our success on the front line will also rescue the fauna and flora of Karabakh
Today, the Azerbaijani state and people have rised on a long-awaited right fight.
The glorious Azerbaijani Army under the leadership of President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev is making history. 
Armenia's policy of aggression is taking its last breath, our native Karabakh and the lands of our ancestors are being liberated from the footsteps of the enemy. 
We feel the light at the end of the dark tunnel we have been looking for thirty years.
We are all witnesses of how our President has prepared today's military successes for a long time with special political skills. The will and determination of our President to liberate our lands, his speeches at various international events, including the UN, his harsh and fair statements, his messages at meetings with world leaders, officials and ambassadors were preparations for today. 
In his address to the nation, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief repeatedly told everyone the truth: "... we are on the right path, we are defending ourselves."
He was able to prove that Armenia is unjust, to prove the hypocrisy of the patrons of the occupying power and prepared the world for the events of these days, long before the crushing military response to the enemy had secured our victory in the information and diplomatic war.
This opinion was expressed by academician Irada Huseynova in an interview with AZERTAC.
"Our success on the front line today is not only belongs to our lands, it also heralds the salvation of valuable biodiversity that has been threatened with extinction.
With the victory of our army, the fauna and flora of Karabakh will be saved from the fate of captivity. The only natural Platanus L. forest in Europe, Taxus L., Corylus colurna, Quercus araxina (Taurtv.) Grossh., Pterocarya fraxinifolia (Poir.) Spach, Platanus orientalis L., Punica granatum, Vitis sylvestris, Ilex L., Buxus, Pinus eldarica, Diospyros lotus L., Pyrus salicifolia Pall. and so on. valuable tree species, Basitchay and Garagol State Nature Reserves, settlements along the Araz river, such as Lachin, Gubadli and Dashalti State Nature Reserves, will be saved from footsteps of enemy and from unbeliver's axes. 
At the same time, along with a number of nature museums, our historical monuments and Azykh caves, a valuable example of the world heritage will be taken from enemy.
We are confident that all this will happen and the souls of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Karabakh will soon be in peace, rejoiced and the soul of the Great Leader will be happy with them, "said academician Irada Huseynova.