21:16, 19.12.2022
An international workshop held by The Genetic Resources Institute (GRI) of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, AgroDev LLC started

The 5-day workshop on "Assessment, mapping and utilization of agricultural crops in saline-affected areas in Azerbaijan" held by the "International Center for Biosaline Agriculture" (ICBA) under the Islamic Development Bank began on December 19, 2022. At the workshop, ICBA's "Chief Operations and Development", "Water Resources and Irrigation Management" and "Plant Diversification and Genetics Program" officials were expected to listen to lectures, as well as experts from GRI and AgroDev, where relevant scientific research of the Ministry of Agriculture scientists and specialists of the institutions participated. First of all, the General Director of GRI, corresponding member of ANAS, prof. Zeynal Akparov met the guests and expressed his sincere gratitude to ICBA's leadership and delegation for holding the seminar dedicated to a very relevant issue at the institute. On the first day, the presentation of Dr Asad Sarwar Qureshi, Senior Scientist - Water and Irrigation Management was listened to after welcoming the participants. Dr Asad Sarvar Qureshi answered the questions on the report and maintaining the continuity of holding the event under business conditions in the next days of the seminar was recommended. The seminar continues.