STRUCTUREDepartmentsTechnical and forage crops

Head of structural unit:  Ruhengiz Mammadova, PhD on Biology Sciences 

Total number of laboratory employees: 21

2 of them are doctors of sciences, 10 of them are candidates of sciences.

Main activity directions of laboratory: Creation of new genotypes of technical, forage and medicinal crops. Studying of inheritance traits, identification of genetic potential of received hybrids by generations. Conservation and sustainable utilization of materials collected by workers of laboratory.

 Main scientific achievements of laboratory:

 By applying of various genetic-selection methods, particularly, experimental mutagenesis and hybridizations, the new forms of forage, medicinal crops and cotton possessed positive peculiarities had been created and these forms can be used as source for the improvement of traits and properties of plants.

As a result of expedient and repeated selection works implemented by scientific researches and biomorphological, agricultural and qualitative traits, the new perspective lines and varieties combined high qualitative and agricultural peculiarities had been created.

At present 5 perspective varieties of cotton and a variety of Lucerne are being tested in the State Committee of Azerbaijan Republic.