STRUCTUREDepartmentsDepartment of Biochemical Genetics and Genomics

Head of the structural unit: Hamlet Baykishi Sadıqov, PhD in biological sciences 

Total number of employees: 12

Main activity directions of structural unit: 

The laboratory studies the chemical composition (total nitrogen, starch,
fat, ash, essential amino acids - lysine, tryptophan, etc.) of seeds of
agricultural crops distributed in the country and are conserved in a gene
bank of the Genetic Resources Institute. As well as the main activity of
the laboratory is the passportization and identification of technological
parameters of grains of cereal and legumes according to the
electrophoresis of gliadin and gluten storage proteins in wheat grain
endosperm, determination of interspecific, intraspecific genetic
polymorphism by gliadin, and gluten coding loci.

Main scientific results of structural unit:

2008-2013 - years received in laboratory of   Technology the samples of 861 wild and cultivated diploid and tetraploid wheat, 200 durum and bread wheat samples of wheat, 83 local and induced barley varieties, 34 maize, 52 rye and egilops, wheat-rye and wheat- egilops natural hybrid grains detected genetically determined polymorphism of storage proteins and evaluated comprehensively technological parameters (weight of 1000 grains, glassy, content and quality, Gluten deformation index, sedimentation and baking quality). Examined the quality of local breweries and induced samples of barley varieties. However, gliadin -gluteninkoding locus inherited features and a new allele components blocks have been identified in the samples of durum and bread wheat variety. In addition, proteins of different varieties, hybrid populations have been found polymorphism.