11:23, 21.04.2021
An employee of the Genetic Resources Institute defended his doctoral dissertation

At the meeting of the Dissertation Council under the Institute of Botany of ANAS, the head of the Technology Department of the Genetic Resources Institute, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology Hamlet Sadigov presented his dissertation on "Protein polymorphism of tetraploid wheat genotypes and the relationship of quality traits with genetic markets".

The  members of the Council unanimously approved Sadigov by secret ballot and awarded him the degree of Doctor of Biology.

It should be noted that for the first time, H. Sadigov discovered the inherited traits of allele genes of gliadin- and gluten-coding loci (Gld 1A, Gld 1B, Gld 6A and Gld 6B) in F1 and F2 generations obtained from interspecific hybrid combinations of local and introduced tetraploid wheat. The new allele component blocks encoded by these genes were identified, and high genetic diversity between wheat species was identified.